Hills of Gold

The Story as told on our Mountain Pass Tour

A tale of very different people connected by just one very special place across the centuries – these north Georgia mountains. 

Our story spans 500 years of history.  In that time, we tell about 8 very different groups of people, all with one common passion – the love of the north Georgia mountains.   Come see firsthand why so many great people have called the hills of North Georgia home. 

Along our tour, our story starts with the Cherokee and Creek Indians that called these hills home.   You’ll learn about their spiritual connection to the wilderness, and their tales from 1500-1829.   Around 1829, something very big for forever changing came to these hills - GOLD!   The gold rush had a forever changing impact on this wilderness.  

You’ll then learn about the hard times after the gold rush, and the price this land paid for those on it living in despair.   In our story there are many Heroes, including those that fought for the protection of the land through concepts like preservation, and conservationism.  If it wasn’t for a few brave and daring souls, this land wouldn’t be like it is today. 

Come join us, and create your own connection to these North Georgia Mountains