Your ticket to adventure tours in the Blue Ridge Mountains starts in Dahlonega

A Dahlonega tour experience for everyone

Get connected to the North Georgia Mountains in a tour experience like no other.  Our tours do more than show you the mountains – we take you up in them!  

We will pick you up in downtown Dahlonega and take you on an adventure tour through the blue ridge mountains, and into the Chattahoochee national forest.   

Along the way, our van offers great views through our over sized windows.   Flora, fauna, mountain views, big valleys, small roadside waterfalls and more. 

We hope we do more than just show you the mountains, we hope you find your own connection to these hills.  

Our expert tour guides will tell the tale of the North Georgia Mountains, as developed by local historians, and by those in the know right here in Dahlonega!  Hear about native Americans, the gold rush and more – all from the point of view of where much of it went down – right on these hills! 

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